Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

In the future, there is only Trekmas!

Ahoy all! Merry Christmas!

What are you doing on the Internet? Go play some Attack Wing!


  1. Ordered a Koraga for my son. Got a Koranak.

    My son made me four custom cards for STAW as a stocking stuffer. He actually did a pretty good job with them. Two of them are disable for a free action (scan or battlestations on one, scan or cloak on the other) for two points per card and the others are an action for a free attack or defense die for one point.

    I ended up ordering the Koraga and keeping the Koranak.

    Since most of our playing is each other, it will be nice to have a mini-Picard in addition to the real thing, since only one of us can have Picard at a time.

  2. Koranak's got plenty of useful cards even for non-Dominion players. Dukat's obvious, but Evek is arguably the best defensive captain in the game for anything with large agility pools (eg cloaked ships) and quite cheap even cross-faction. Dorsal Weapon Array is pretty good on a variety of ships, especially with cards that provide attack dice bonuses. Tetryon Emissions is a solid defensive tech upgrade, and Boheeka is a good crew choice for any ship with access to Battlestations.

  3. Yeah, we wanted a Koranak anyway, but we don't have any other dominion ships. Of course, my son is now drooling over the Battleship in wave 3 :).

    I agree that it's a great expansion...and good out of faction. But I really wanted the Worf Captain card :). Like I said, we decided to keep it.

    We're going to try a 100 pt game tomorrow. He's taking the Koranak and the Negh'var. I'm taking the Enterprise D, Valdore class and Defiant. I promised to Klingons or I'd take the Vor'cha class instead of the Defiant.

    1. I promised NO Klingons...not TO Klingons....

  4. Lot of our local Klingon players bought multiple Koraga/K'Vort packs. If your meta is similar, finding a captain Worf to trade or buy should be easy enough - nobody needs multiple unique cards. OTOH, the rest of the pack is hot stuff too, so buying at least one never hurts either.