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USS Enterprise D- Ship Review

A third post coming at you!

The U.S.S. Enterprise D was the flagship of the Federation before Counsellor Troi rammed it into a planet. I don't know why they thought it would be a good idea for her to pilot the ship, but the Federation has a track record of letting randos do whatever they want on their ships. 

I couldn't find a pic that didn't have a beard in it!

So a few things to talk about here. The Enterprise D (I'm going refer to it as the Enterprise from now on) has a reverse 1. No other ship in the game has a reverse 1. Other than that, you'll notice that there are no white or green turns, and no come about. The Enterprise is very difficult to maneuver. 

Before we get started talking about the nitty gritty, let me preface this all by saying that I have played some X-Wing and have read extensively through the blogs on that game. I'm pretty knowledgeable on the mechanics, especially on the Rebel side. At this point, I think it's fair to compare the Enterprise to the Millennium Falcon. They're two of the only ships in the systems with a 360 degree arc. 

In X-Wing, the Falcon has either 6 Hull points or 8, with either 4 or 5 shields depending upon which pilot you take. The Enterprise has 5 Hull points and 4 Shields. So it's considerably more vulnerable than the Falcon. The Falcon has an expansive maneuver dial in comparison to the Enterprise. 

The 360 arc on the Falcon is unrestricted. The Enterprise shoots only to Range 2, and at -1 attack die. 

Overall, if one were to compare the two ships in the same system, the Falcon is a much better ship. Of course, it's also priced significantly higher than the Enterprise, but that's a matter for the differences between the system. Basically, what I'm trying to highlight is a few basic differences between ships across the system. If you're used to piloting the Falcon, you're going to have a much tougher time with the Enterprise, even though it's the most comparable ship. 

Beginners will want to take a crack at the Enterprise, and they'd be right to want to do so. It's an iconic ship, and the shooting arc makes it very forgivable. That being said, I don't think the Enterprise scales that well with experience. It's a great Beginner ship, but as players gain more experience with maneuvering the other ships, especially the Klingons, they are going to start leaving the Enterprise at home. Where I think the Enterprise will ultimately shine, is in the hands of an expert player (although I don't know how many there are at this point!). If you've got a really good handle on the maneuverability of all of the ships, and have a good idea of your opponent's plan, you could keep the Enterprise out of everyone's firing arc and just take potshots with your 360 arc. 

I've run the Enterprise as follows:

Captain Picard
Sulu and Spock

I'm not going to get into why I chose Sulu and Spock just yet. I intend on writing them up in their own posts. For now, I just want to highlight that This build is costly, but efficient. The Enterprise needs to make every shot count against cloaked ships. Spock ensures that you can activate Sulu and Scan every round, and still be very efficient in your shooting. 

So, if you're a beginner looking to get the most out of the Federation, give the above build a try. It's expensive, but I think you'll find it a great way to get into the game, while using some of the most iconic characters from the series.

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