Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Two Worfs


Alright. So right now there are two Worfs. What do they do?

The base set Worf costs 3 pts, and is disabled when attacking to reroll all attacks. Essentially, what you want to do is roll your attack dice, and if you whif, or roll only one hit, reroll the whole thing.

The Defiant Worf costs 3 pts and eats up an action to target a ship at range 1 to cause it to roll 2 less attack dice this turn. You can do this every turn, and as I read it, can target any ship at range 1, 360 degrees around your ship.

So which Worf is the real Worf, and which Worf is going to the Bat'Leth Tournament in a parallel universe?

Well, to be honest, on paper, Defiant Worf seems like a decent upgrade for a support ship, and base set Worf seems like an okay upgrade on your shooty federation ship. So, you gotta pick the Worf for the job. Are you tooling out a ship to take a lot of damage? You probably want Defiant Worf. Are you tooling out your ship to dish out a lot of damage? You probably want base set Worf.

I'm not really impressed with Worf in any incarnation right now. Defiant Worf will be best used on a ship that already has access to multiple actions, but why would you pick him over another upgrade like, say Sulu or even Data? Maybe you're looking to create a support ship like a Defiant, with Sisko a cloaking device, and Worf, making sure that key opponent ships are kept at bay. I don't like it as a strategy, but no one will see it coming, and you can use the maneuverability of small ships to mess around with your opponent's plan.

Ultimately, I think we'll still see base set Worf more than Defiant Worf, mainly because base set Worf is easier to understand. If you're building for a big ship, base set Worf is a decent upgrade and doesn't take up an action. He can be saved for a critical moment when you absolutely need to have all your attack dice count. Base set Worf is insurance, and Defiant Worf adds disruption. Decide which one you need, and build accordingly.

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