Sunday, 27 October 2013

Deep Space Nine- Sunday Extras

It'll always be Tarok Nor to me...
So on Sundays, I'm going to take a look at some of the odder aspects of the game, some of the stuff you won't usually see on the field of battle. Deep Space Nine was the first OP Event prize. It came with two cards, representing DS9 and Nor Class Space Stations. It also came with a big DS9 token, about a foot in diameter. Talk about HUGE!

Aside- Anyone ever wonder how on earth Ore processing facilities were able to fit into the station? Look at that picture of the defiant there. The station was big, but not ORE PROCESSING big!

So, DS9 has the following stats

Attack: 5
Agility: 0
Hull: 8
Shields: 8
 Actions: Target Lock, Scan, Battlestations
Upgrades: 3 weapons, 3 Crew
When firing any torpedoes, do not disable the torpedoes
44 pts

There are three pylons, each with a 90 degree firing arc at range 1-3. The main body has a 360 degree arc, at range 1-2.

If you're playing a game with DS9, I recommend playing at 200+ pts. It shouldn't take anyone with reasonable people and problem solving skills much hassle to figure out initiatives in a bigger game. I've toyed around with whether DS9 should be able to move a straight one around its axis. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Running this thing, you're going to want to equip it with at least some torpedoes. DONT put more than one set of torpedoes on it. Quantums are probably your best bet, because why not pay the most for the best stuff if you're running a big game?

Captain and Crew are next. DS9 should have Sisko on it... but Sisko's not that great for the task. You want DS9 to be a big, buffing, support ship. So, let's look at some other captains for the station. I'm going to want to Target Lock as often as possible to take advantage of my torpedoes, so why don't we look at captains with passive abilities.

I say, why not give Kirk a try?

Captain Kirk's main ability, besides wooing the ladies, is that he has two pilot skills, and if they're federation based, he gets to hide what they are. In this case, we want to tool up Kirk for some tricks.

How about Corbomite Maneuver as your first pick? Not bad right? They'll be flying right at the station, won't be able to attack it, and will have to figure out how they're going to avoid the station next round, while your backup ships are closing in. They probably won't see it coming either. With Kirk, you'll be using your actions at the end of the movement phase and if they are out of range, you don't have to use it! They will also probably try to fly outside of the station's pylons. If you activate this at the right time, you'll ensure that they have to adjust their plans, and maybe get in range of the pylons.

Second pilot upgrade? Once More Unto the Breach (You don't have any agility anyway).

Should you bring along some crew? Maybe a Tactical Officer, or if you want to keep it Federation pure, take Insurance Worf (Base set Worf).Otherwise, I'd be tempted to take Defiant Miles O'Brien, to charge up the shields while your backup ships go toe to toe with the invaders.

Let me know how you run your DS9!

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