Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Second Post here.

I really wanted William T. Riker, the Captain, to work out. It's kind of like watching TNG. You expect Riker to get his own command, but the few times that it happens it's weird and doesn't really work.

If they were looking to replicate that feeling, then Cpt Riker is well designed fluff.

Use your action, and Riker gets an extra attack against an enemy that attacks him. He's essentially counter attack.

He costs 4 pts and is captain skill 6.

If you really want to run Riker, make sure you don't bog your ship down in upgrades. You want this ship to be simple. I like him on the Reliant. Give that a go. You'll probably think that it's pretty Meh, and you'll be right.

But WHY is he so meh? Pretty much, I think Riker is weak because he requires you to burn your action. Riker's ability isn't something that you want to activate every turn, as there will be other targets for your opponent to focus on during the early rounds. This is a late game action, which means that he could be targeted early and you'll never get to use his fancy ability. There are a lot of simple strategic counters to Riker's ability, which is why I think it's so weak.

If you're having success with him, let me know. So far, I haven't really seen him in many builds, but he could possibly work in a combined federation Romulan Fleet where every captain utilizes Counter Attack.


  1. Yeah, I wanted it to work but I found that the action economy really hurts him. Either I'm not using him or I am using him and they just know to attack someone else, making him a bit ineffective. I'd much prefer it a disable instead of an action, maybe a disable in conjunction with a scan or battlestations requirement.

    I'm hoping we get a better Riker out there because I think he is a capable character that I'd like to see in play more often.

  2. He's just not as good as he needs to be for his point cost. There are so many ways to work around him. There don't appear to be too many opportunities until mid next year to get a new Riker. Maybe when they release the retrofit Enterprise?

  3. I'd really like to see him actually get his own ship with a Titan expansion, but I doubt that will ever happen.