Saturday, 11 January 2014

Jem Hadar Attack Ship- Conclusion

Today I'm going to wrap up my review of the Jem Hadar Attack Ship. A few commentators have pointed out some of the shortfalls of my review and I appreciate that. This is actually a pretty decent expansion, that brings us some very interesting ways of playing a dominion fleet. I think it's flawed, but a step in the right direction. The point costs on a lot of the upgrades, and especially the ship, should have been lower, but that doesn't kill the expansion in my eyes. I still dropped money on it so that I could have a copy, which I don't always do for the more terrible expansions.
First up, the Phased Polaron Beam

Phased Polaron Beam (Dominion/5th Wing Patrol Ship Expansion)
A: 3
Range: 1-2
Attack: Disable this card to perform this attack. All damage inflicted by this attack ignores the opposing ship's Shields. This Upgrade costs +5 Squadron points for any non-Jem'hadar ship.
Cost: 5

Unfortunately, it's not very good and over costed. The problem with a card like this, is that you can't make it too good, or else it becomes an auto include. Three attacks is a bit weak to begin with, but not terrible. Range 1-2 is again serviceable. The ability itself is pretty darn good and if there were 4 attacks, or it cost 4 it would be pretty much an autoinclude. I think it's well balanced for what it does, but I don't see it making many lists. It just doesn't provide enough bang for your buck. This falls under the category of balanced because it better be!

The photon torpedoes are back, and they aren't a bad buy for a Jem Hadar ship mainly because there are no range restrictions. The base attack level of the ship makes this a decent buy. I wouldn't go looking to throw these into your lists, but if you're looking for some extra oomph, then this could be an upgrade for you. 

Overall, I think this is a good expansion. Weyoun is the standout and should start making some of your fringy-type lists. I think he has some great potential down the road. The ship itself is overcosted, and has an ability that is not very good to begin with. I like them as back-up ships for a larger, 50 point ship, but they aren't going to win the battle on their own. The Jem Hadar crew will be great if they release some decent ships down the line that can be equipped with some fat crew members.

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