Thursday, 30 January 2014

List Building Interlude

My friend would like me to design a list for him. I'm going to take this opportunity to design a pretty badass Klingon Attack Build. 

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that this guy is looking to win OP5. He doesn't have a lot of time to win each match because the venue keeps the tournament very strict on time. At the location I play at, the matches are an hour and fifteen minutes long. I've only ever had one match that went to time, and that was mostly due to a horrifying error on my part that dragged out the game to excruciating lengths. 

The second thing we have to keep in mind is that my friend's location will be using the Admiral's Orders, so we want to get the most out of them as possible. 

We will take a look at what I think is the more important Admiral's Order for the purposes of a Klingon Attack Build, United Force. Essentially, you get 10 extra points to spend on upgrades, as long as all upgrades and captains on each ship are from the same faction. You can have a full Klingon Ship, a full Federation Ship and a Full Dominion Ship and still use United Force, as long as the upgrades on each ship are the same as the ship they are on. Got it? Good. 

We also have to take a look at OP5. Here's the link.

In this scenario, players place the OWP. They are going to be spread out in the middle of the field. If they haven't yet, I'd imagine that the OWPs are going to be errata'd to count as ships for the purposes of Cloaked Mines. Bit of advice- leave the Cloaked Mines at home. 

OWP will shoot at the closest ship within range 1-2. Your ships are going to take a LOT of punishment. You CAN blow up the tokens, which you may want to consider doing. I haven't tested the scenario yet, but I'd imagine that this is going to be a very viable strategy if you're playing for the long game. With a Klingon Build, it may benefit the Klingon player to go slow and blow up the OWPs asap. I don't think that the mine player is going to be able to blow up the OWPs AND lay the mines, but if you think that's incorrect, let me know.

Okay, apologies for the short article. Has anyone tested out OP5? Any thoughts? I'll return tomorrow with what I think is a decent list to go through this scenario.I don't think it's that big a spoiler to suggest that I'm going to think that most lists playing this scenario are going to need to be playing the long game OR blowing up OWPs.

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