Monday, 20 January 2014

Wave 1 Awards

It's time for the Wave 1 Awards.
Wave 1 was a very cool wave, but a tad disappointing. Let's jump into the awards!

Most Flavourful Card: The most flavourful card, I think, is the Cloaking Device that came with the Defiant Expansion. It allows a Federation ship to cloak, but also comes with a steep price. This could have been done poorly and broken the game wide open, especially since Styles was coming down the pipe, but I think the designers did a good job of making sure that this was a moderately unattractive option on anything but the Defiant. I think they did quite a good job on this one.

Best Ship: The best ship from the expansion is probably the Kronos One. It has shown up in way more of my builds than any of the other ships have. It has 4 base attacks and can cloak. The Defiant requires upgrades to make viable, the Praetus ALWAYS hits a battlestations when cloaking, and the Jem Hadar ship is a bit too expensive for what it is supposed to represent.

Worst Ship: I'd have to say the Praetus, but it's not all that bad. It can be a very viable ship with Cloaked Mines or even Torpedoes.

Best Captain: In this slot, I'm going to put Weyoun, but I think there's a decent argument for either Valdore or Sisko. I think Weyoun will be a card that you have to look at every time a new set comes out, whereas Valdore and Sisko do what they're going to do until the end of time.

Card Most Likely to Completely Change How You Play the Game: Cloaked Mines. Meta Defining card. I'm hearing that they are appearing in multiples in lists. I don't quite think they're amazing in the OP scenarios, but they definitely are a card to contend with.

Best Crew Member: Jadzia Dax! HA! No. OmetIklan is pretty good, Nothing really stands out here.

Best Secondary Weapon: Quantum Torpedoes. My goodness do they pack a punch.

Best Faction: The best faction continues to be the Klingons. They are easily playable in faction. You could do worse than picking up Klingon ships.

Worst Faction: The worst faction continues to be the Dominion. They didn't get enough love in this expansion.

Needs To Do Better: Again, the art department. I think a LOT of people think that the playtest department could have done better as well with respect to cloaked mines.

Best Ship Sculpt: The Defiant. A bit big, but quite nice.

Worst Ship Sculpt: The D7 for that bridge that was off. Too bad about that because if you go on some forums you'll NEVER hear the end of it.


  1. Aren't Concussion Charges in the Kronos One pack? Not as much punch as Quantums (until Gowron and Martok-9 start yelling, anyway) but the ability to strip Cloak with a single hit is pretty huge. I'd have rated them first by a small margin, although that's the only category I'd really argue about.

    1. Actually, now that I think about it, I'd say the detail on the Jem'hadar Attack Ship is a lot better than the Defiant, too. Even the Praetus is a better model as far as sculpts go. Defiant's barely ahead of the tragically flawed K'Tinga, and not because of the scale issue. The fine detail just isn't there at all.