Friday, 17 January 2014

Once More Unto the Breach!!!!

Today we ask the following question, is "Once More Unto the Breach" any good? It certainly has an awesome name. It's a really fluffy throwback name that evokes Chang's awesomeness. It should be a really great card.
Here it is:

Once More Unto The Breach (Klingon/I.K.S. Kronos One Expansion) 
ACTION: Discard this card to allow your Primary Weapon to make a total of 2 attacks this round at -1 attack die each. You may not roll any defense dice this round.
Cost: 5

It costs 5 and as a drawback, you don't get to roll defense dice. Okay, so you won't use it immediately. Can this card be good?


Is it amazing? No. It is most definitely not amazing. 

The issue here is that you want to be in a position where you can't be fired upon in the attack round, or deliver such a devastating blow that it won't really matter. For the Klingons, you're mostly going to be looking at delivering devastating blows, and working out the defense dice later. Here is something that I think can really get behind an awesome Alpha Attack. 

Neg'Var 28
Picard 7
Once More Unto the Breach 5
Romulan Pilot 3

Vor'Cha 26
Gowron 4 

I.K.S Ch'Tang 22
Donatra 5

This list should hold you in good stead. You blow your Romulan Pilot to get a Scan and a free Green Maneuver. That should get you into good position to be targeted by none to one ship. Gowron and Donatra should get you +2 attacks, and Picard should net you a Battlestations. At that point, you're looking to fire 12 shots, with 6 Battlestationable shots, at a ship that is at -1 defense. If you're really good, you'll pop OMUTB at Range 1, and get 14 shots. That's bring down almost any ship. You want to go first, as you want to deliver an INSANE alpha attack. That kind of firepower will get past most defenses. 

Try it out, let me know what you think.


  1. Oh no, it's definitely amazing, don't kid yourself. It also costs 6 points - because it belongs on the upcoming Jem'Hadar battleship. Throwing two 5-die shots in exchange for rolling none of the zero dice you'd be rolling anyway is a pretty good deal. And that's at a minimum - with Gul Dukat you've got your free Battlestations action, and with a +Attack indie flagship card that's two 6-die shots, easy. It's almost enough to make Dominion truly good.

    For real maximization, you want Picard (or a Romulan Pilot) with Spock, though. That way you're getting full Battlestation conversions via Scan on both shots instead of just one. You could also get silly and add Janice Rand to use Once More Into The Breach as a free action, potentially letting you take a different ship action (Scotty, or maybe Negh'var disabling up to 3 enemy shields before you shoot?) as well.

  2. Oh, one thing, Gowron is +1 attack die per round per ship, so he won't boost both attacks. Donatra does the job better, her wording is different.

  3. I know I know! I don't get full functionality at work, and sometimes I just want to get the article up!