Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Engage Part 2- Engage!

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I'm going to continue on with my Engage Build series. last time I looked at an engage build including the following ship:

Enterprise D 45pts

This time, I want to round out the build, including another ship that could be added to the mix. We're building towards a 100 pt list, so let's get started. 
So, in this part, I'm going to look at a companion ship for the Enterprise D up there. I want it to be independent and hard hitting- a threat in its own right. I don't want there to be any need for synergy between the two ships, as I don't want to fly them in a tight formation as that will limit the movements that Engage will allow me to make. Looking at the movement dials of the various ships, I want to maximize the potential green maneuvers. I also want the ship to be a beast in its own right. 

So far, I'm looking at either the Vor'Cha or the Valdore. The Valdore has an insanely synergistic ability with Engage, and so we're going to build around that. The Vor'Cha has a tech slot for cloaked mines. In this case, we're still going to build around the Valdore. 

There are two ways you can go with this, one pure Romulan, and another with Kirk. I'm going to highlight the Kirk build, since I recently went over some of Kirk's strengths. 

So we're going to put Kirk on a Valdore. That means we're going to spend 15 pts on Kirk+upgrades. This is high, and we may have to tool around with it later, but let's explore how we want to build the ship first. 

One of Kirk's talents has to be Engage. The Valdore has a great movement dial, but Engage will get it out of tough situations. What about the other talent? I think we want either Counter Attack or Corbamite Maneuver. There may be a really tough situation you can't get out of, Corbomite is going to be your 4pt insurance policy. You have to decide whether you want insurance, or some extra oomph. This build isn't looking to win on the first turn, so I'm going to go with the Corbomite. 

The Valdore with Kirk and two upgrades, plus the Enterprise above puts us at 89 pts. What other upgrades do we want in this list? Tactical Officer? Antimatter mines on the Enterprise? Command tokens? The rest is kind of up to you and your personal preference. 

Another way to run the list would be to take Toreth in place of Kirk with Engage, saving you 6 pts. That would put us at 83 pts. That doesn't really let us take another ship, so we should continue adding in effective upgrades to our list. At this point, you absolutely want Antimatter mines on the Enterprise, and you should probably put a tactical officer on your Valdore. Torpedoes on the Valdore are a terrible idea. Take Command Tokens. Now you have 4 pts left over, which can go towards another passive crew upgrade on the Valdore. 

The second Valdore has a 6 pt advantage on the Kirk Valdore, but in a two ship build, you don't get a lot of bang for your buck. I'd probably drop the Antimatter mines, but still take Command Tokens and a Tactical Officer. 

So two ways of running the second ship, both do essentially the same thing- Toreth gives you more oomph, and Kirk gives you an insurance policy against a bad move. 

Let me know if you've had success with builds such as these!


  1. Romulan Pilot might also be useful in this build, partly for the offense boost, but mostly for yet another green maneuver. Not essential, but doesn't require an action and can serve as another layer of insurance.

  2. I'm a little confused here, by 'pilot' are you actually referring to captains?

  3. Are you confused re: Romulan Pilot?

    Because that's a card in the OP3 ship reward.

    1. Ah we haven't played our month 3 events yet, so I didn't know what card you were referring to.