Friday, 1 November 2013

List Building 101- Ships!!

Your List has too many Upgrades!
I want to take a look at some really basic concepts that I'm putting to use in my list building.

First of all, your list has to be comprised of at least one ship. Let's look at the basic mechanic of a ship. Remember the Enterprise D? Good.

The Enterprise D costs 28 pts. When combined, the various attack, agility, hull and shields add up to 14 pts. The base Galaxy Class ship costs 26 pts. Again, the various combined values add up to 13 pts. We can easily see that ships cost 2x what their combined values cost.

Good. What don't you pay for on the Enterprise D? You absolutely don't pay for the 360 arc. How much better is a 360 arc than a 90 degree arc? Play a galaxy with a 90 arc and then play the 360 arc. Back? a 360 arc is pretty amazing right?

Remember the Vorcha? Your opponent doesn't roll an extra attack dice at range 1 when attacking the named Vorcha. How much better is that ability than not having the ability? I've already said that I think it's not THAT great. In this case, the two points are really for an okay ability, and an extra shield point. How much more do you need that shield point over a potential captain or upgrade? It'll really depend on the list.

 So the first question in making a list is, what do you want the list to do? Are you looking for a big time alpha strike? The you probably want to focus on ships that can have 5+ attacks per turn. Are you looking for a well balanced list that'll take you through the first three turns without getting smoked by the alpha strike? Maneuverability and agility are key here, with dice manipulation being a big factor.

So far, I'm finding that you want at least 75 to 80pts tied up in ships. The rest, you want in quality upgrades that work together as much as possible.

The big question at first will be- named ship or not. If you're running Klingons, the best thing will probably be to leave the named ships at home. If you're running Federation ships, the named abilities are very good, and should be taken in almost all circumstances.

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