Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday Extras- My Repaints

The Repainted Enterprise D!
Ahoy all, today I'm going to describe my various repaints on some Attack Wing ships. First of all, these are the paints I use.

The paints!
I use citadel paints mostly, but I also like the game colour line. I mostly paint in acrylic, because that's what's easiest. I don't have pics in progress of my painting, since I did most of the repaints before I thought of starting the blog, but here's the process generally.

1. Wash the whole thing in Nuln Oil. Just use an old brush and wash the whole thing. Some people stop here, but I think Federation ships should be a bit brighter, so we move onto the next step.

2. You can then paint each panel using Russ Grey. Don't try to paint in between the raised window bits, just paint around them. This is more of an optional step, but will add some depth to the panels.

3. Paint over each panel in Space Wolves Grey (or the new equivalent that I don't know off the top of my head).

At the end of this three step process, you'll have deep dark grooves and well noted raised windows.

Let's break and look at another picture.

A bit too bright! Go to Warp!
So, after the above, I used my gel pens to paint in blue into the nacelles- I don't think these need a lot of shading to begin with, since these are generally glowing.

Following that, I use the fine point black pen to trace out the larger red area you see in the pictures. I thought that the original area was particularly small, so I just mapped out a larger area.

Once you've done that, paint in the new "bussard" area in red.

After the red dries, paint the more forward portion of it in Wild Rider red.

After that dries, you can pain the most forward portion Fire Dragon orange.

At that point, you'll have nacelles that look a lot like those in the pictures.

Time for another picture!

Finally, you can paint on the windows. I just use the pen to mark off rectangular windows on the panels. Do a random pattern so your eye isn't drawn to any one area.

That's how I've done my repaints. Now take a look at the rest!

It's tiny, but looks good repainted!
The Enterprise up above is completed with the same process as above, but there aren't any windows on the Enterprise A, so I left it clean.

How about the Defiant?

Wrong base!
I added in a dark grey onto some of the panels on the defiant.

Finally, this is the storage container that I keep all the bits for the game in. I keep the ships in the original container for now, but am going to be moving them to their own container shortly.

$4.00 at the Dollar store!
I'll finish off this article with another look at my Enterprise D. Next week, I'll take a look at the Klingon ships in Wave 0.

To Boldly Go...


  1. Looks pretty good. As much as I'd like to repaint my own ships, I have so many other miniatures it's probably rather unlikely to happen.

  2. Those came out well. I've been repainting my Dominion stuff as fast as I get it, albeit not quite in canonical colors. Too much of a minis gamer to stick with factory paint jobs - especially the rather sad ones that Attack Wing is saddled with.