Monday, 18 November 2013

New This Month- Admiral's Orders!

She's almost always wrong- HOW IS SHE STILL AN ADMIRAL!!!

Okay, go here.

Take... a... look... at... that!

So, first things first, the use of Admiral's Orders have to be approved by your tournament organizer before they can be used. Check with your tournament organizer before the event- you know- actually talk to that person that runs your events and find out if this is going to be kosher.

Like I've said before, I don't approve of house rules, but these are approved fixes for some problems that may or may not be plaguing your group.

I think these may have been a fix a bit too far in one direction, but we'll have to see. Don't jump to conclusions quite yet. I think we've got to take a step back and take a bit more of a critical look at the Organized Play events, and their goals.

Obviously, the OP events are there to promote the game. They are also, from what I can see, scenario based, but not too ham fisted. In OP1, you could still just blow up DS9 and avoid that quagmire all together. In OP2, you simply jousted at each other. In OP3, you can avoid the planet entirely. That being said, these scenarios are geared towards fluff and fun, over pure competitiveness.

If the purpose of the OP events were Hard-Core-Competition, then they would be constant, straight-up death matches. You can disagree with me, but it's fairly clear that the OP events are meant to evoke battles from the show in a fun and fluffy way. What is fluff? Fluff is the stuff outside the game that makes the game as flavourful as it is- it's the flavour text on a magic the gathering card, it's everything that isn't rules in a Warhammer 40k Codex, and it's the entirety of the Television Show that Attack Wing is based upon.

That being said, the Organized play events are still quite competitive, but each one is a bit different and there are scenario aspects that don't just involve flying ships at each other and shooting at those ships.

So, these Admiral's Orders encourage certain builds over others, which I think is a bit of a step in the wrong direction. Supposedly, they will change from month to month- Hopefully they aren't always about based on the number of ships you have in your fleet etc.,

One issue to begin with, is that you can use multiple orders in your fleet. For January, you could take a Two Ship, Faction Pure list and use both Strike Force AND United Force and run a 105 pt list that's pretty nuts with upgrades etc., Three ship lists are still going to be prevalent, because they're very good. You could also just run faction pure ships and take United Force, and get a 3 ship 110 list, which may also be very good as well!

Why wouldn't you run a two ship list with those parameters?

You're going to have to have a good reason not to take advantage of these upgrades, and it could lead to very samey builds if these things become any more good than these first ones.

Should Tournament Organizers allow these Order to be used? Is your local group always using the same lists over and over again?  Each Organizer will have to decide for themselves, but if you're finding your games are stagnating, give these a whirl.

Anyone that reacted - OP - immediately upon release is pulling a chicken little- Play with the cards first, and then decide whether they are overpowered. Repeat for everything and we'll have a much better time overall.


  1. I think this faction thing is really going to benefit the federation and klingons far more than the dominion and romulan factions. As a Romulan player I have good cards with the exception of Captains. Picard is great and both Maratoks are really good while best Romulan captains are square on average. That goes double for an all Romulan list. The only thing I can say good about united force is that I have been defeating faction pure lists regularly.

    1. I like the romulan captains - Toreth definitely has her uses, and has made appearances in a few of my OP lists. And Donatra ... well it goes without saying ....

    2. Toreth is good but not great. Donatra is good but not in Romulan fleets. Donatra and klingons are peanut butter and jelly. But with Romulan only having 28 pt ships that can fight its hard to make a good list with enough ships to make Donatra worth it. I want high skil romulan captain with a decent passive ability. If the romulan got at 22 pt ship Donatra will work for pure Rumulan fleet.

    3. Indeed. Roms really need a mid level ship (20-24pts).

  2. Remember that by the time this comes out, a fleet with the Keldon and two Galors will be possible, with Gul Dukat leading the charge. Admiral's Orders will benefit the Dominion nicely.

    The romulans though... it depends on what's coming out on Wednesday.

  3. Remember that United Force doesn't actually require you to play all one faction, only that all captains and upgrades on a given ship match their ship's faction. That gives them 110% of the usual build with absolutely no points spent on faction penalty. Pretty strong if you put together each ship correctly. I'm quite liking the idea of a mixed Obsidian Order/Tal Shi'ar force with Kraxon and a big Romulan or two, or maybe a Keldon. You can easily afford to spend 85+ points on three ships with United Force while still getting decent upgrades and captains.

    Strike Force might actually make two-ship fleets viable at tournament level. They'll have hellacious action efficiency - and they can still exploit United Force in theory. The flagship cards will help a ton as well, especially the one that grants an extra action to its wingmate.

    All in all, I think they're a great idea, and absolutely should not be retired with this season. Make them part of the core rules in next "big box" expansion - there's bound to be a second starter eventually, maybe with Voyager faction ships. Good chance to update the core engine with ideas playtested through the OP program.