Tuesday, 26 November 2013

R.I.S. Vo- Reader Idea and Klingon Attack Build with Romulan Flavour

Possibly really great with the RIS Vo
Paulsk wrote:

"RIS Vo (16) with Ferengi EM Pulse (4+1) for 21. It can evade every turn while alternating using and enabling the EM Pulse and never breaking cloak, while also using a level 1 captain to move first and try to force enemy ships to bump it. Worth it?

(and hopefully in the future a non-exclusive debuff upgrade of similar power is released, hopefully for the Romulans themselves)"

I've been known to overlook good strategies before. This ship would get 7 defense dice AND get an evade every single turn that it wasn't bumping into things. The movement dial is also crazy. What's not to like? The Vo should be looked at as a support ship, and this list will use it as such.

The list is going to have to be able to exploit the EM Pulse. I don't think that means we have to add in another ship for redundancy, as I think two of these things is probably overkill. We still want to be able to win the game. We're going to need the remaining 79 points to be attack focused.

This could actually be a good time for a list with 3 Mirandas. One of them should be the Reliant, so we'd be at about 56 points. That means that we've spent 72 points on ship points, which is a bit light. Depending on which upgrades you want to take, you may want to consider bumping one of these ships up to a Defiant. I'm going to throw in the Defiant, for a bit of variety, and because I think it'll be able to survive a bit longer than the Mirandas, which are going to shoot their torpedoes and then die- they may not last very long to begin with.

I want to throw Sisko into the list, but he's going to pilot the Reliant. Put Sulu on the Defiant, and make it really hard to kill. This list isn't going to one shot anything, but the Vo should be handing out enough aux tokens that it really shouldn't matter, since cloaks are going to be down. The Mirandas and the Defiant are maneuverable enough that you should be able to get behind something pronto.

As you'll see, we have points left over for the Reliant, so you might as well go ahead. I'm going to put Terell on the Defiant, since we need the Mirandas to have a bit more staying power.
Secondary weapons are worthwhile here, because the Vo should vault ahead and make sure that one ship is target-lockable. If you can get Target locks up, then it's time to go to town.

The Defiant may actually not be that great in this list. You may want to substitute it out and instead use another Miranda with Donatra to boost the effectiveness of the other ships. I've taken Sisko to boost defense capabilities, but you may rather have Picard leading a small strikeforce- and his extra actions open up other possibilities that having three 1 skill captains may lack. Plus, he gets to shoot first, so you should be able to soften up some targets for the photon torpedoes.I'm going to forego Picard in this list, because everyone uses Picard! If you really wanted, you could swap out Sisko and put Picard on the Reliant... that may be a very good idea.

We have 4 points left over. How would you use them? Here's the list, take a look and let me know where you think we could improve it, and advise of any changes that you might make. It'll need playtesting, but it is a step in the right direction for the -at present- disliked Vo.

RIS Vo (21)
Ferengi EM Pulse
Miranda 18 (21)
Mini Photons
Reliant 20 (26)
Mini Photons

Defiant 24 (28)
96 points.

Of course, that list is fine if you're looking to get some use out of your Mirandas, Defiants and Photon Torpedoes. But what if we thought a bit more aggressive. Something... bigger.

Yes folks, it's a modified Klingon Attack Build. Here's what I'm thinking. Two Vorchas, 26 points a pop. That leaves us with enough points for a Ch'Tang. Here are the stats, because I've never reviewed it here.

 I.K.S. ChTang (B’Rel-Class)/ B’Rel-Class Klingon Starship (Dominion War Month 2 LE)
Front Firing Arc: 90° Rear Firing Arc: 90°
A: 4
E: 1
H: 3
S: 3 (2)
If you initiate and attack while cloaked, you may choose any number of your attack dice and re-roll them once.
Actions: Evade, Target Lock, Cloak, Sensor Echo
Upgrades: Tech, Weapon, Weapon, Crew
Points: 22 (20)

This thing is fantastic. I really like it, and think that it's too bad that this wasn't the ship that came out instead of the Koraga in Wave 2. That aside, if we throw this thing in, we'll have 5 points left over. What could we possibly do with 5 points in this list?

Donatra. Donatra will fly in the Ch'Tang and buff the crap out of the Vor'Chas. Here's what that list looks like:

RIS Vo (21)
Ferengi EM Pulse

Vorcha 26

Vorcha 26

I.K.S. Ch'Tang 27

So, the rich keep getting richer, and there's a new way to play your Klingon Attack Build that's maybe a bit more effective, maybe not. let me know if you like it, hate it, or think it needs work.


  1. Agreed. With the release of the Vo there are no further Romulan ships on the horizon. I feel that's a real shame because they're still missing that mid-level ship to round out their options. Without buying duplicates of the Valdore or a second core set I really don't know what to do with them. The Klingons continue to get releases each wave so "the rich get richer" really is an accurate assessment.

    That aside, using the Vo as a platform for the EM pulse is a much cheaper alternative that the Ferengi's Krayton. That thing maneuvers like the Enterprise D, which is less than ideal for getting good value of the pulse.

  2. It's not too expensive and still hits really hard. I liked the idea.