Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Third Worf!

The Third Worf
The I.K.S. Koraga was spoiled online yesterday. Here's the link:

I'll go through my initial impressions on what looks to be a great expansion.

Klingon Attack Builds rejoice- you can now drop Donatra and take a real Klingon. The benefits of Donatra, +1 to attacks, are going to be pretty much wiped out when compared to Worf's ability. Worf is so much better than crew Worf that it's silly. He's attack insurance incarnate and makes your heavy hitter a force to be reckoned with.

I think his best use will be in a three ship attack build with Martok and Gowron. He occupies the third captain slot very well in that build. Put him on your biggest ship, take a Vorcha and a Ch'Tang- my goodness the beats that will ensue.

Low captain skill and no elite talent make him less useful in a two ship build, but he could be your lead captain in a swarm build. Swarms are getting better, and Captain Worf is leading the way.

What else is amazing in this list?

No longer the most annoying thing about Star Trek

Alexander is incredible.

What a great card. Put him on a heavy hitter and watch your opponent hold his nose as he either attacks your Alexander ship and give you a battlestations token, or attacks something of lesser threat value.

This card is going to see a lot of play. Nothing about Alexander requires your action, and you GET a battlestations action. He's so efficient.

N'Garen is a second Drex. Someone at Wizkids is bemoaning that Klingons don't get access to battlestations. I didn't think that Klingons desperately needed another Drex, but here we are.

the Koraga itself has a very good ability, and it will easily see play as long as it has a decent movement dial.

Fantastic stuff. Can't wait to see what gets released next week.

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