Saturday, 23 November 2013

Independence Week- Chekov! (A departure!)

A... Nuclear... Vessel

Continuing on with our look at all things Reliant, today I want to examine Pavel Chekov and see whether this is a useful ability or not. He certainly is cost effective. From my understanding there are no, or relatively few, ways of getting rid of auxiliary tokens without just performing a green action.

So, if you've been playing a lot, you're probably finding that you aren't really getting a whole lot of auxiliary tokens to begin with. You can usually get to where you need to be without red turns and come abouts. That being said, there are always going to be instances where you need to have your arc facing another ship asap, and you're going to need to pull a red maneuver. 

This can usually be mitigated by performing a green maneuver on the following turn. Again, there aren't going to be too many situations where a green maneuver isn't going to be a good one following a red. 

For all the situations where you absolutely need to do a white post-red, and need an action as well, Chekov is there!

Pavel Chekov (Federation/USS Reliant Expansion)
Your ship can remove 1 Auxiliary Power Token after performing a White Maneuver.
Cost: 3

Your ship gets an extra ability for 3 points that most ships in the game do not have. Is it worth it? Would it be too good at 2 pts? I actually don't think Chekov would be insane at 2 pts. It would certainly allow for more maneuverability, but I still don't think you'd see him pop up in a lot of builds. He's got that veneer of situationality about it- he won't work every turn. It's 3 pts for an upgrade that may work twice in the game- which isn't so bad, but it's not amazing. 

Is there any ship that Chekov works particularly well on? He will work well on a ship with a lot of red maneuvers. I'd say that you should put him on the Galaxy, but I hate those red reverses, I think they're used MAYBE once a game, and are not that great. The other ship that could benefit from some better turning is the Galor Class starship. The Galor, with its 180 degree firing arc could benefit greatly from Chekov's ability, although you'd be paying a faction penalty. 


Behold, the Pavel Khardassian

Cardassian Galor Class
Pavel Chekov
Cloaked Mines

Get your Galor into position, go to Red and get some distance and drop a cloaked mine. Not a bad build of a single ship. Anyone had any really good experiences running Chekov?

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  1. He's gotten a little better now that Positron Beam is out, and would be better still if the Ferengi EM Pulse wasn't so rare. There will undoubtedly be more cards in the future that let you force an enemy to take an Aux Power token, and every new one will slightly increase Chekov's usefulness. Getting stuck with Aux Power for multiple turns (usually because any green will lead to a collision that leaves you in an unacceptable position) is pretty fatal - adding all those whites to your list of options is a huge help - but the enemy won't bother hitting Chekov's ship with those effects unless it's the last one left.