Sunday, 3 November 2013

The D'Kora- a glance at Ferengi mediocrity!

Look at those clothed females... tsk tsk...
Today, I want to talk about another Organized Play event prize- the Ferengi D'Kora Class ship. I'll talk about a few of the more interesting upgrades as well.
First of all though, I was to talk about the issue of OP exclusive prizes. I really have no qualms about the prizes that you can acquire just by showing up to the event- like elite attack dice, the really awesome Deep Space Nine token and other resources. I think these are fun additions to the game, and I have absolutely no problem with making these kinds of prizes exclusive to players of organized play events. 

For the most part, the people who show up to these events are supporting a brick and mortar store, paying entrance fees, buying ships, building a community. You can't bemoan that no one will play a game with you if you aren't actively out there, participating in the growing community. If there isn't a community in your area yet, get one started- go to your local store and get on with it. If you're nowhere near a store, well, I suppose you can either start a store or start a gaming community in your area. To have exclusive prizes for those who participate in the community is a great way to build that community, grow the game and get people excited about playing. 

That being said, I do have a problem with the exclusive ships. I really don't want any of these ships to be overpowered. I don't want them to be so good that they start appearing in every build. In a few weeks, I'll take a look at the Ch'Tang, but right now, that ship is showing up in a LOT of Klingon builds because the special ability is so good. The D'Kora isn't showing up anywhere, but that doesn't mean wizkids won't release something insane in the future. I want the playing field to be as even as possible, and these exclusive ships may throw that balance off. 

If you're a T.O. out there, at least turn your mind to making the upgrades print and play. While you should have the phyiscal ship and ship base to play a ship, I see no reason why the winner of one event should have exclusive access to a level 9 Martok or to Ferengi Missile Launchers. 

Okay, so my brief thoughts on the matter concluded, let's look at the D'Kora. From now on I'm going use the write-ups at

Krayton (D'Kora Class)/ Ferengi Marauder (D'Kora Class) 
Front Firing Arc: 90° Rear Firing Arc: NA
A: 3
E: 1
H: 4
S: 3 (2)
Action: Disable 1 of your Active Shields to gain +1 attack die this round. You may re-roll all of your blank results once.
Actions: Evade, Target Lock, Sensors
Upgrades: Tech, Weapons, Weapons, Crew
Points: 22 (20)

The ship ability is nice, but requires an action, so it needs to be considered whether you really need the ability, or whether you'd like to save those two points for extra upgrades. I like the ship profile, not too big or small, and like that it comes with a Tech upgrade so that you can get creative. 

Daimon Tog is one of those discard abilities that I really don't like. Maybe there's a crazy discard build somewhere out there- maybe I'll build it next week!- but so far I haven't seen it! If you're building this ship faction pure ferengi, you have very limited options, and none of them are particularly good. Just take an unnamed Ferengi Captain and call it a day on crew upgrades. 

With no crew upgrades and a weak captain, EM Pulse is an option on a 20pt D'Kora. 23 pts for a ship that goes first and adds some big time disruption. It could work really well in a 4 ship build. 

Ferengi Missile Launchers is the big upgrade that everyone got very excited about, and then got less excited with each use. I don't think it's worth 4 pts, and you have to remember that the opposing ship gets to roll all of its defense dice against both of your attacks. 

If you're going to run this ship, run it very basic, with an EM Pulse firing off every turn. It'll make it a target for your opponent, but then you should be ensuring that the backup is up to the task of bringing down the opposing fleet. With each EM Pulse fire, you'll be out of firing arcs, reducing their 100pt list to a 96pt list and that's not bad. 

Let me know how you run your D'Kora!


  1. I was really happy to come in second place and win the TO's D'Kora prize (donated because he doesn't play). As cool as it is to have another free ship, the only way I have been able to justify running it turns out to be exactly as your description. 0-pt captain on a generic D'Kora with the EM Pulse. I tried mixing mine in with the two launch release Dominion ships.

    It was a lot of fun and had the potential to mess up my opponent I simply wasn't able to make it as effective as I wanted. I haven't given up on the build though...those Ferengi will ruin someone's day yet!

  2. I have created a faction pure ferengi build! IT WORKS! By using quark's treasure I was able to faction mix by docking! With each of my ships having EM pulses I rip apart thier fleet then load up on new upgrades to finish them off.

  3. I have created a faction pure ferengi build! IT WORKS! By using quark's treasure I was able to faction mix by docking! With each of my ships having EM pulses I rip apart thier fleet then load up on new upgrades to finish them off.